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Wiggle it- Just A Little Bit

From Botticelli to Marilyn and Anna Nicole, there’s nothing quite like the shape of a real woman, so today I feel like celebrating having curves in all the right places.

I’m wearing this amazing vintage hot pink body-con dress. It’s made to make you wiggle when you walk and I love it.


Time to grab my vintage Jane Shilton chain handle bag and a pretty stone pendant, grab my stilettos and STRUT.

Hope you’re going to watch me walk away.

xx Lady Fi.




Going For Gold

Well Hello There.

I know I’ve been away for some time but I simply got too engrossed in the Olympics.

I feel so proud to be British. I think we did such a super job of hosting and our athletes were truly inspirational.

Well I was inspired anway. Not to take up sport  (one’s knees simply will not allow it) but to wear gold to celebrate Team GB’s fantastic success.

Here’s My beautiful 1960s vintage gold lace dress

With the ultimate accessory. One’s very own gold medal (well sort of). A 1970s vintage disc pendant will do.


And somewhere to keep my flag. A lovely 1960s brown Kelly bag.

So now I’m all set for The Paralympics too.

Go Team GB. Go.




Time Capsule

As the summer sunshine tries (mostly in vain) to peak out from behind grey clouds, the time has come to bust out my capsule festival wardrobe.

First up is an original 1980s Topshop body-Con dress in super scorching neon pink. The perfect colour for this season and so naughty.

Team it with a fantastic early 1990s, oversized studded denim shirt for a more casual look.

Next, a pair of pretty vintage 1980s M&S floral shorts which I’ve cropped off to give them more of an edge.

Topped with a 1970s Falmers fitted denim waistcoat. 

Finally, add the perfect festival backpack and I’m ready for the off.

Lovely for a summer weekend away, everything can be mixed & matched so no need for more. Well, apart from the wellies of course and maybe some knickers.

Here’s to a simply smashing summer.


Festival Fever

Here I am sitting watching the rain beat relentlessly down and what springs to mind?

Summer festivals of course. The rain, the mud, the keep on going spirit of it all.

I’ve cranked up the stereogram, rooted out a bit of Joni and I’m ready to go.

OK rain, do your worst.

Wearing my gorgeous vintage, embroidered skirt with a simple white vest, tooled leather belt and completing the look with a beautiful vintage leather tassel shoulder bag.

Always on the fringe of things.

Up close. Beautiful detail.

Alright now. Bring on the Glamping, the Hunters and the Pimms please.

See you on the other side.

Lady Fi. xxx

Disco Diva Going Green

Today I’m feeling all disco, so I’m digging out the glitter-ball, strapping on the sandals and going green.

I love this Vintage 1970s Si-Bon cape sleeve dress. It simply glides over the body, hugging in all the right places and is the perfect mid length too.

(so forgiving for all our figures).

I’ve teamed it with a cool jade green & goldtone brooch and goldtone chain necklace worn as a bracelet.

Sort of a cross between Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface and a classic 1940s Film Noir heroine.

Going Green

Clings in all the right places

Balls to convention. I'm wearing it as a bracelet.

Si Bon? Oh yes it is.

The dress is so pristine it still has all it’s original tags too.

Light up the floor Freeman, One is off to play.


Popping Down the Shops

Well I can’t tell you just how excited I am right now.

One has only gone and opened a jolly splendid Pop Up Shop inside the fabulous Nichols Building in Sheffield.

I’m down here until Friday the 20th of April so do come by and say hello. It’s an amazing place, packed to the rafters with gorgeous vintage clothing, furniture and collectibles along with lots of handcrafted items. Oh and the cafe’ is quite special too, even the chairs you sit on you could end up taking home.

Reigning Supreme Over My Small Empire

Trying To Steal My Limelight.

Anyone For Coffee?

Pretty Pastels

Jubilee Ready

They have some amazing furniture. Here’s a couple of my favourite pieces.

I Will Mostly Be Relaxing On Here

G&T at the ready

Wish you were here.

Lady Fiona.


In A Lather

Good Evening Everybody.

Today I feel like a DIVA, so I decided to dress like one.

I’m Paying homage to Soap Queens and Drag Queens alike so I’ve rummaged to the back of my extensive wardrobe and pulled out an 80s masterpiece.

This dress has a tiny bit of everything and more. A sheer panel, beading, sequins ruching, a handkerchief hemline, shoulder pads and a cut out back. Amazing.

Of course that’s not quite enough so I’ve got my Emerald stone earrings and velvet clutch too. 

I feel like Joan Crawford, Collins and Rivers all in one.

Now Everyone. Out of My Way.

Over the Top? Moi?

Green Goddess

Dramatic Exit

Now Freeman, Where is my G&T?