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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Mrs Blue Sky

Hellloooo Lovelies.

Well it seams that Spring is finally springing here at The Manor and the sun is doing her level best to break through the winter gloom.

I’m celebrating by getting  the pins out in this super cute, turquoise 60s mini dress. Accessorised with bright beads and a gorgeous clutch bag,

(borrowed from my good friend) and perfect for this Lady.

Here comes the sun

Get my good side

My body's too beadalicious for you.

Fab graphic bag (Thanks Claire x)


Now all I have to do is find my blasted shades, wherever did Freeman put them?

Till next time. xxx


Hooray Hooray, It’s a Holi Holiday

Greetings Kitsch Kittens.

I decided it’s time to start planning the Summer break  and what better way to do it than to get oneself togged up in this fabulous vintage swimsuit.

It’s got everything I need to feel sunshine happy. Amazing bright floral print: Check. 50s Pinup style: Check. A bit of help in the bust department: Check. Never been worn with it’s original labels attached: Check Check Check.

I’m grabbing my cats eye glasses and retro headscarf and I’m raring to go.

Anyone know where I can get that perfect beach bag?

All set. Who wants to do my back?

Bullet Tastic

Made by Eros for me to Love

New Passport Picture

Destination Kitschtown.

Toodles. Lady F. xxxxx

I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm.


Well Baby it certainly is cold outside isn’t it. But, don’t fret lovelies, Valentines Day is just around the corner closely followed by Spring (hopefully).

I’m getting myself in the mood by embracing this year’s candy colours but worn the vintage way, with my 1950s pink prom dress. Accessorised with a pretty painted heart choker and gorgeous embroidered and beaded bag.

It’s an outfit to lift anyone’s spirits on a gloomy, grey sky day. I’m ready for love, so bring on the hearts and flowers all year round I say. Don’t leave it just for one day. 

Here’s wishing you all Love Always. 

Lady F. xxx