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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Where The Wild Things Are.

Grrrrrrrrrr. Hello Tigers. Welcome back.

Today I’m in love with all things animal. I’ve ferreted out the faux fur and grabbed the snakeskin clutch (vintage of course) and, as there seams to be an explosion of love for our feathered friends on the High St too at the moment I’ve decided to take a peek at some of my favourite animal inspired pieces.

Top of my list is this gorgeous (and I must say quite huge) Vintage Lion Pendant. Purrrfect. 

Next up, my Vintage Silver Frog Pendant with turquoise set stone. He looks a little squashed but I still love him.

Finally, I salute the man (or bird) of the moment with my cute Vintage Articulated Owl Pendant. With his amber stone set eyes, he definitely means business.

Hope you have a wild evening too.



Won’t You Charleston With Me?

Goldtone Fan Pendant

 Chin Chin Old Beans.

Out of hibernation at last, blinking into the sunlight, well into the grey skies anyway.

These long winter months often leave one feeling starved of inspiration (if not of food and drink).

Then, just when you think you can’t take any more glitter, cork popping and bank balance draining along comes ‘The Artist’ and everything is right with the world once more.

I’m absolutely in love with this film and everyone in it, especially Uggie of course and the gorgeous Jean Dujardin and stunning Bérénice Bejo. It makes me want to don some fringe, roll down my stockings, rouge my knees and dance.

Amazing how an almost entirely silent film can provoke such emotion and longing.

Oh, Art Deco. How I crave your clean lines, architectural shapes and mirrored finishes. So stylish, sigh.

I have few pieces from that period as they are few and far between and mostly out of my price range. Luckily for us, fashion comes back time and time again and you will find this look in pieces from 50s homeware, 60s dropped waists and the catwalks this year too.


Pretty Pink Sequin Top With Fringed Hem