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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Travels down south

Happy Halloween lovely vintage vampires, & kitsch kittens.

Well I’m back from my Windsor jaunt and I must say the castle looks amazing by moonlight. The little chap got his steam train and jolly good fun was had all round.

Picked up some amazing things, my favourite of which is a gorgeous fluffy white and grey faux fur coat. Piccies on tomorrow I promise.

The Etsy shop is under way also so look out for listings later in the week. It’s all too much excitement. I may have to go lie down.

Lady in Red


Upcoming Events

Good evening everyone. Lady Fiona reporting for duty.

Well it has turned autumnal all of a sudden hasn’t it. That’s made me think about the fabulous Vintage and craft fairs that will be upon us soon.


Mary’s Marvellous Christmas Vintage and Crafts Market – 12th November 2011

This is the first one at St Mary’s Church Bramall Lane in Sheffield.

I shall be in attendance with my friend’s from George & Mildred

so please do pop by and see us.

I have a busy weekend lined up too. Off to Windsor to visit the relatives. It’s our Nephew’s 5th birthday and we’ve promised him a steam train.

See you at the Castle.

Lady F. xx


Good Evening Vintage Lovers. Lady Fiona Here.

Still working out how this thing operates (You just can’t get the staff).

I have however managed to post a gallery of pictures of some of my brooches. Please take a look. As soon as I’ve worked out how to put on a shop front they will be up for grabs.

Hope you are all having a splendid day.


Opening soon

The Queen’s Drawers is opening soon!!!

Lovers of all things vintage, kitsch and the unusual.

Our muse, the lovely Lady Fiona will share her style inspiration with you all and will gladly flog you stuff as well. Her Gas Bill has just arrived and heating her Manor does not come cheap.

Introducing Lady Fiona

So pull up a Chesterfield, slip on your tiara and peek inside The Queen’s Drawers.